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With BIG4 Cania Gorge being located on the doorstep of the National Park, nature lovers need look no further!

BIG4CaniaGorge Lake Cania Reflect

Lake Cania

Lake Cania was opened on the 17th September 1983 and is situated on the Three Moon Creek, 5kms from our caravan park.The old gold...

BIG4CaniaGorge Landscape

Cania Gorge National Park

Soak up the natural landscape... Where dramatic sand stone rock formations overlook lush forest gullies. Visitors enjoy an amazing...

BIG4CaniaGorge Landscape

Self Drive 4WD Trip

Bush Bashin' in your private 4WDFor the 4WD enthusiast, Monto Shire offers a voyage of discovery and adventure. There are several...

Clark Bartlett's Hut

The True Bushman, Clark Bartlett moved to Monto in 1936 to take up a miner's lease in Cania Gorge. He and his wife, Ivy, raised s...

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6 Reasons To Go Camping

There are so many benefits of camping, this list could go on and on. But beside the obvious ones, like family time, fresh air and...

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