10 Steps to Teach Your Child to Fish

Holidays are all about families spending quality time together. Our park is full of opportunity for fun activities such as hiking, biking, enjoying our fun facilities, and of course - fishing!

Here are our 10 top tips to keep fishing with your little ones fun, safe and pressure free:

1. Choose your location

Lake Cania is a great fishing spot, both from boat and from shore. Ask our friendly staff about the best locations where you have the best chance to score a catch.

2. Prepare

Organising all equipment beforehand will minimise stress and keep everyone happy! Remember to also pack essentials like snacks, drinks, sunscreen, insect repellent, first-aid kit and appropriate clothing.

3. Fish safe

Safety comes first! When around water, kids should always be wearing life jackets. Make sure all hooks and other sharp objects are protected and out of reach.

4. Talk tactics

Kids love learning, so take the opportunity to teach them as much as possible when doing activities together. Explain how the rods work and talk tactics for catching different species of fish.

5. Get a grip

Show them how to correctly handle the rod and how to react when the fish strikes!

6. Cast away

A sidearm cast is the best and safest option for kids. Show them how it's done and do a few practice casts with lots of encouragement.

7. Gear for success

Consider in investing in a rod and other gear designed for kids. This will not only make everything easier, but probably also make them very proud to own their own gear.

8. Use artificial baits

Choose artificial durable baits that won't spoil and let them choose colours and shapes they like.

9. Play and land

Like everything, learning to fish take time and patience. Demonstrate proper catch and release methods, and if fishing for food, explain selective harvesting and show how to kill and prepare the fish.

10. Have fun

Last but not least, remember to have fun! No catch? That's okay. As long as the time you spent together was full of fun and learning, no one will care if you caught a fish or not.

With these tips in mind, pack the rods and get outside!