10 Top Tips for Driving to Cania Gorge

For many families visiting us, the journey is part of the goal! Wherever you're driving from, there are plenty of hidden gems along the way. 

To make your road trip easier, we've put together a list of top tips for enjoying some quality time with your family on the road.

10 Top Tips for a Successful Trip

1. Pre-organise snacks and drinks

Avoid wasting time and money stopping multiple times along the way to get food and drinks. By having snacks prepped, everyone is guaranteed to find something they like. It's also easier to make sure the kids' snack are healthy. Pro tip, bring a picnic blanket and enjoy a nice view while stretching your legs!

2. Keep little hands busy with magnetic chalkboard

It's super easy to torn an old cookie sheet into a magnetic chalkboard tray for the little ones to play with along the way. Practice matching ABCs, make puzzles, or other fun games. The possibilities are endless!

3. Write a list of games with zero props

If you have limited space left in the car, but a bunch of restless kids to entertain, prepare by listing fun games that require no props! A few suggestions include 'Count the Cows', 'ABC game', The Quiet Game (gold), Rhyming, Singing.

4. Enjoy a good chat

Fun and games don't always need to fill every second of the car ride. Use their boredom to your advantage and take the opportunity to find out what's on your kids' minds. Storytelling is also a great way to connect.

5. Pre-plan breaks and take turns driving

Take some time to scope out the best rest-stop location before you embark on your trip. There might be great attractions along the way, playgrounds or great picnic areas. You can even plan for the cheapest places to refuel.

6. Expect the unexpected

When travelling with kids, anything that can go wrong almost certainly will. Be prepared for car sickness with saltine crackers, ziploc bags and paper towels. 

7. Make playlists before your trip

Get everyone involved and choosing their favourite songs and create different playlists for different moods!

8. Keep your car clean

Have a paper bag ready and collect all rubbish accumulated between rest stops, ready to be disposed of. This will keep the car nice and clean and prevent a big clean-up once you reach our park! 

9. Plan drive time to include naps

It might be tempting to let the kids sleep most of the time, but that might keep them (and you) up all night instead! Try to keep napping and eating schedules to normal routines and plan your trip accordingly.

10 Keep some surprises up your sleeve

Don't give away all the fun games and treats at the start. Keep the trip exciting by surprising your little ones with new toys or treats along the way. A rest stop could even turn into a quick treasure hunt!

We hope these tips will help make your trip to us fun, easy and comfortable. See you soon!