8 Old Fashioned Outdoor Games

Have your kids forgotten how to play outside? Holidays the perfect time to teach your kids the games we all used to play before the times of smartphones and tablets!

Outdoor games is a great way for your child to practice their social skills, make new friends and get exercise while enjoying the fresh air. In order to jog your memory, we've put together a list of 8 of our favourite childhood games below:

1. Tag - A timeless classic suitable for all ages that is guaranteed to get the whole family moving... You're it!

2. Hide and Seek - Our park is the perfect place for Hide and Seek with lots of good spots. Just make sure you establish some ground rules before you start the game so no one gets permanently miss placed.

3. Jump Rope - Remember when skipping wasn't just something you did at the gym? Bring a few ropes and get creative. Unlimited numbers of players for this one.

4. SPUD- SPUD has a few more rules and is perhaps more suitable for older kids. It also requires a ball. Each person is assigned a number. One person is chosen to be "It" first. He or she stands in the middle with the ball and throws it up in the air while calling out a number. All players scatter as quickly as they can except for the player whose number was called. He or she catches the ball and yells SPUD when the ball is secured - everybody stops. The player with the ball then attempts to throw the ball and hit one of the other players. If they succeed, the hit player gets a letter in the word 'SPUD'. If they fail, he or she get a letter them self. When a player gets all four letters they are eliminated until only one player remains.

5. Simon Says - Guaranteed to bring lots of laughs!

6. Marco Polo - Hotter days are to be spent in one of our swimming pools.

7. Musical Chairs - A birthday party favourite that can be played any time. All you need is music, chairs, and a bunch of energetic kids!

8. Freeze Dance - Similar to Musical Chairs but without the chairs. Will deliver some funny moves and interesting poses!

Remember our wide range of fun facilities will also keep everyone entertained. Happy playing!