Clark Bartlett's Hut

The True Bushman, Clark Bartlett moved to Monto in 1936 to take up a miner's lease in Cania Gorge. He and his wife, Ivy, raised six children in their family home and Clark remained there until 1989.

From an early age Clark learned self sufficiency from his father. He kept bees, grew fruit and vegetables, trapped dingoes and killed kangaroo for meat.

He won many prizes for his home-made bread, dampers and plum puddings.

Clark was postmaster at Cania for nine years, ran a small-scale tannery and kept rainfall records for the Weather Bureau.

From 1970 until 1990 he was the unofficial tourist guide of the famous Cania Gorge. He welcomed visitors to the Gorge he loved so much, kept visitors books and guided visitors on walks he had discovered. Clark's Hut and way of life are preserved in the park.

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